other work


Ea Borre is an artist who work with mechanical sculptures and instruments combining paper and cardboard with motors and electronics. We have worked together on the Mort Aux Vaches Ekstra Extra game solution and she built the machine for the Astra & Knyst cover art. Visit her blog to see her other work.



Sebastian Franzén is an artist and musician from sweden. He makes beautiful poetic drawings and very special music unlike anything you have heard before. His one-man band Mr. Perfect has made lots of albums. You can buy some of them at börft records. I am part of the band on some of the songs on his album Real Love Is Scary. There exist only few copies of Real Love Is Scary each in a party bag with drawings and souvenirs but you can download the songs here:

01. fråga igen
02. du har post
03. miraklet
05. näste gang
06. taförsig
07. Xfikarast
08. ladda om
09. chanser2
10. fläsket
11. market
12. express
13. så gott dom kan
14. the message
15. yoggi
16. små smulor
17. tillgång
18. staplar varorna

Connor Bell is a musician from Louisville. We have been friends since i got my first computer and internet connection in 2000 and been talking and helping eachother out ever since. He was the one who sent my music to Dekorder. He visited me in Denmark in 2003 and we toured Germany and France together. Some of my best concert memories is from that tour so soon i will go to Louisville. Shedding is releasing on the Home Tapes label and his latest album is called "What God Doesn't Bless, You Wont Love: What You Don't Love, The Child Won't Know".
Goodiepal is a silly and kind always helpful and supportive friend. If you for some reason should not know about him you should go to V/VM's Goodiepal microsite now. There you can download the whole Goodiebag/Demonbag 7" series and many other works by the Goodiepal.
Mu is from taiwan. we never really met but we talk and make music online. Mu made an album on V/VM converting all kinds of files into harsh digital noise. The music MU does now is much different from this. It is long tales with sounds from many sorts of exotic instruments and voices of people and animals. We made 3 songs together as mu & voks. download them here:

1. papa
2. grandpapa
3. nina
Tove Storch is an artist based in Berlin. Tove make strange clumpsy mechanical sculptures and helped me a lot with the puppet-show scenery for the Vaks Vanskab Ak sleeve.
Ferdinand Kragh is a painter and writer from Copenhagen. The sleeve for Darkvaks is is a collage of  details from his paintings.